Terms & Conditions

An official order is required before production can commence. Once an official order has been received from yourselves our terms and conditions are binding.

  • Commencement of work: If amount is less than $1650, then 30% is due on the start of the project. If amount is more than $1650, then 50% is due on start of the project unless installment terms are stipulated.
  • Installments terms can vary but usually are total divided by 4, no interest.
  • Final proofs to be signed by an authorized representative.
  • EverSite.co will not accept responsibility for omissions or errors after final sign-off by the client.
  • All computer generated material remains the property of EverSite.co until full and final settlement is received.
  • Prices valid for 10 working days after quotation.
  • All quotations, tenders and terms are subject to adjustment in respect of any changes in cost due to variations in the price of materials, rates of labour, currency exchange or any other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Should this contract be canceled all work done will be charged to your account.
  • A general project length is set at 14 business days from commencement. Should a delay occur due to client’s delay in supplying content or images, a progress invoice will be issued to cover the completed work.
  • Clients receive 1 revision on design/wireframe
  • Layout changes will be charged a fee under normal rates.
  • Customer confidentiality is vital to our service, client respect and reputation will be upheld at all times.
  • EverSite.co may cancel a project at any stage if there is viable reason to do so.
  • EverSite.co will not participate in any illegal conduct knowingly and will decline projects that venture toward any participation.
  • EverSite.co will not be held liable for what the customer does with the website or web applications after the last payment has been made or project has been canceled.


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